Subject: Gravity Chair suggestion for improvement

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen.

Our son is 2.5 years old, severely disabled, unable to sit, stand or walk, no head control, hypotonic in the trunk area and tetraspasticity in arms and legs.

Since the therapy chair did not offer optimal storage and he almost exclusively spent the day lying down, we fortunately got the Gravity Chair approved by our health insurance company and are so grateful that we have found the perfect storage option for our son. The perception has improved significantly and the spasticity is reduced.

However, since he has no head control, he always slipped sideways; Here we used a Velcro headrest from a bicycle trailer for children, which prevents them from slipping away. For a hypotonic child, we recommend offering the Gravity Chair either with an indentation for the back of the head or corresponding headrest pads, preferably with Velcro, as it is height-adjustable. We have attached photos so that you can better understand the problem.

Please rate this email only as a suggestion for improvement, not as a criticism, because the Gravity Chair is currently the best aid for us and will recommend it to others.

Sincerely yours


Bernadeta Wilde


Hello Mr. Eick,
the swing base of our Gravity Chair arrived last week, Thursday, on Jonas' birthday.
And there are wheels on it. We are very happy 
We wanted to thank you very much for making this possible!
Thanks a lot
Best regards

Family Kranz

Family Kranz


Lina's Rolli's e.V.