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Date: 12/27/2020

I, Kamil, just wanted to say thank you.
Torben Eick made the seat shell with a lot of effort and patience, he is very responsive to my needs. Does his job very lovingly and funny and very precisely.
Best regards

Kamil Zubkov

Date: December 15, 2020

Dear Sir or Madam,

As I am more than satisfied with the seat cushion supply that has just been completed, I would like to give you detailed feedback as a small thank you.

I suffer from vitreous bone disease, am a very active person and rely on a wheelchair. Both of my hip joints are stiffened at approximately 90o and I cannot spread my legs. Due to this considerable restriction of movement, the daily transfers between bed, toilet and shower chair in the wheelchair require a complicated sequence of movements. The same applies to dressing and undressing. Since my elbows are deformed and also stiffened, putting on my pants is a particularly strenuous procedure.
After a certain amount of preparatory work with aids, I have to get hold of the waistband with my hand behind my back, pull it piece by piece over my buttocks and support myself with my right elbow for fractions of a second on the back cushion of the wheelchair and lift.

The reason for a new restoration was the pressure point that formed on the underside of my thigh as a result of the solidification of the material from the previous pad. In this area of the thigh, buttocks and pelvis, on the one hand, I need sufficient support in order not to tip over to the left, on the other hand, optimal pressure relief is also required there - a contradicting problem. But then Mr. Eick came up with the idea of using foams of different strengths and placing them in a wedge shape against one another. The smooth transition from the back soft (pressure relief) to the front firm (stability) was taken into account. I also had a kind of rocking function that gave me an immediate gain in range forwards.

Another problem was the slip resistance of conventional upholstery covers, which was not suitable for my needs. Because of the processes described for dressing, undressing and transferring, I need a cover with good gliding properties. Mr. Eick's idea of using material like the one used for truck tarpaulins has ultimately proven to be as ingenious as it is helpful.

Emotional competence, creativity, patience and empathy, love for people and the job as well as a healthy amount of selflessness are among the qualities that I have come to know and appreciate at Mr. Eick, in addition to professional qualifications and sympathetic and humorous humanity. He has the courage to deviate from the standard, to look for creative solutions and, if at all possible, to implement them in order to keep the risk of breaking new ground as low as possible, he had to be able to trust my self-assessment. That only worked because, despite all the routine and experience, Mr. Eick remained agile in his head and always put my concerns and needs in the foreground. He actually worries and doesn't just pretend. All in all, he is one of the few specialists who sufferers like me urgently need.

As a result, I am sitting comfortably and pain-free for the first time in years. In addition, with this optimal seat cushion supply, I can fully use the potential of the mobility I have left. My sincere thanks to Mr. Eick for this and my request to continue in exactly the same way.

Sincerely yours

Lorenz Pien

Date: 05.11.2020

The Gravity Chair is simply brilliant. Sometimes my daughter needs it to rest and chill, sometimes it is her riding horse, in which she romps wildly without hurting herself, because she loves to throw herself backwards with all her might and romp around in this way. Since she cannot assess any dangers, the gravity chair is her "safety zone". A wonderful positioning aid and a great change of position from the eternal wheelchair or therapy chair sitting. We don't want to miss it anymore and also a big thank you to the Rehanorm team for the quick provision!

Constanze with Nike

Date: 10/18/2019

Dear Mrs. Staus,

I would like to thank you very much again! The Gravity Chair arrived on Friday.
We were really happy. It was immediately unpacked and tried out. Mila and Luis were very enthusiastic
of the huge cardboard box and made a cave out of it. After one weekend, the Gravity Chair is almost indispensable. We are still very enthusiastic! Thank you very much!
We look forward to seeing you again next year!

Many greetings

Stefanie Ullrich with Dominik, Leni, Luis and Mila


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