About RehaNorm

 Special construction

One of RehaNorm's main activities is the construction of individually manufactured seat shells. This is how the company, founded in 1978, started. Soon people with severe disabilities who needed seating or reclining pans were cared for from Bingen throughout Germany. With increasing competence in this special area on the part of the medical supply stores, the supplies were handed over to the local medical supply stores. This also in order to optimize aftercare. The specialist dealers call for support from RehaNorm in complicated cases. That is why the special construction specialists from RehaNorm are on the road all over Germany to help customers.

In such cases, the supply takes place by our specialists, the production takes place in our workshop.

The specialist trade can also purchase any seat shell accessory from headrests to footstools, from cover fabrics to zippers from RehaNorm.

Products for children and young adults with special needs

As you can see here on the Internet, RehaNorm has a range of products for children and young people with various disabilities. Part of this is manufactured by RehaNorm. Other products are bought in at home and abroad.

RehaNorm is not only active in Germany, but also delivers to around 20 different countries within and outside of Europe. For some foreign dealers, Bingen is the desk and storage location for their products in Europe.

Our sales force - on the move in north, south, east and west