Multiroller Rehab Stroller

Buggy, jogger, off-roader and much more ...

With the multiroller you will find a rehab buggy that can be equipped for children with disabilities. It is very flexible on flat surfaces, but also suitable for off-road use with the jogger set. With an adapter, it can also be easily converted into a bicycle trailer (not suitable for mounting on an e-bike).

The seating options are almost unlimited. Whether fabric hanging seat, back-adjustable seat or with adapter for individually manufactured seat shells and even car seats.

Conclusion: The multiroller is easy to lift (only approx. 8 kg), easy to move and can be used universally.


Buggy version with hanging seat

Multiroller Rehab Stroller

With a fixed seat, footstool 2 and offroad set seat

English Frame of the off-roader, but 5 cm higher

Frame of the buggy, but 5 cm higher

Frame of the jogger, but 5 cm higher and wider

Multiroller - Bike

With seat shell, footstool 2 and buggy set

With car seat Carrot 3-footstool and jogger set

With Tony Plus car seat, footstool 2 and buggy set

Even with a corset

Firm fit ...

Folded multiplier scooter

With a buggy pod for a second child

... with lots of accessories (example: sun canopy)

User: max. 75kg
Buggy basic set: 8.1kg
see data sheet

Aid number

Frame: silver gray
Fabric: dark blue or black