Tom Lightweight Seat Shell

The orthodynamic lightweight seat shell TOM is used for minor disabilities. The body consists of a thin and light, colorless plastic. These prefabricated modules are available in 16 sizes for the seat and 32 sizes for the back. In addition, the seat and back can be adapted to different body dimensions. The TOM is padded with foam
and covered all around with breathable fabric. The cover is removable and washable. Thanks to its anatomical shape and accuracy of fit, the TOM offers optimal seating comfort. It is used in active or standard wheelchairs. With reduced
muscle tone, hemiplegia or other neurological diseases can thus stabilize and improve posture.
The seat and back can also be used individually and independently of one another.


Aid number
none, as custom-made

  • Seat width from 22 to 45 cm
  • Seat depth from 23 to 47 cm
  • Back height from 31 to 66 cm
  • Anatomically shaped seat and back with a slight AD-wedge molding
  • Integrated AD wedge
  • Retaining straps to fix the shell on the wheelchair.

For more information, please refer to the price lists.