Harlequin storage wedge

What to do if a severely disabled child needs positioning corrections to avoid sagging, prevent spasms or simply give them a different perspective? - The harlequin as a correction aid is soft, stable, and solves the problem.

The variable positioning and functional wedge Harlequin was developed for the position of severely and / or mentally handicapped children suitable for illness, disability and therapy. It is mainly used in early intervention for celebral movement disorders, for muscular dystrophies or for children with spina bifida. It serves as an active, corrective positioning aid and is individually adapted to the handicap of the individual.

Aid number

Available in three sizes:

Size length width height
1 85 60 20
2 105 65 25
3 125 70 30

Max. Body size depending on the positioning position up to max. 170 cm.


  • Composed of the four basic colors blue, yellow, green and red.
  • see data sheet