Everyday aids

Seating aids

Our seating aids help children with disabilities learn to sit. Sitting is an important part of our culture. So we sit at the table to eat, in school to study and in kindergarten to sing and play and on the way home, in the car, many hours a day. A good everyday aid for sitting for each of these everyday situations is therefore essential for children with disabilities to participate in everyday life.

Positioning Supports

Our positioning aids support the positioning of children with disabilities in everyday life and in therapy. They are an everyday aid for balance training or posture training. We offer various positioning pads and therapy wedges.

Hygiene aids

Our hygiene aids support you in everyday hygiene of a child with disabilities. Showering, bathing, going to the toilet - good hygiene is often a challenge for children with disabilities. Our practical everyday aids make the hygiene of your special child easier for you.