Face masks

Dear customers,

due to the high demand, we decided to make face masks!

Please inquire if required! Telephone number: 06721 / 906-0

The mouth and nose masks do not offer any protection for the wearer. They can provide a limited function for third parties from larger droplets of the wearer and mouth / nose mucosal contact with contaminated hands.

It is not a certified medical product !!!





Dear customers,

despite or precisely because of the current situation (Corona), we are still there for you as usual.

Take advantage of our significantly reduced delivery times and send your orders. We help you to maintain your liquidity through fast delivery and the resulting quick billing options.

We are always available for any further questions.

Your RehaNorm team

RehaNorm is represented at the Special Olympics in Villach (Austria)

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We are pleased to be able to exhibit some of our products in our own “RehaNorm Lounge” this year at the Special Olympics in Villach / Carinthia (Austria)!

As a partner and sponsor of the Special Olympics, we will also offer various competitions in the MATP competition area.

This great trophy is waiting for the winner. Of course, not only the 1st winner will be awarded by us! The 2nd and 3rd are also honored accordingly.

We look forward to the games and thank you very much Organization heartbeat Carinthiawho are hosting the games in Austria this year.

s. also under:www.herzschlag-kaernten.at

Our swing can now also move ...

Your child can always be there!

Our swing for the Gravity Chair has wheels that make transport child's play and extremely comfortable.