General delivery and payment conditions

Without exception, our terms of delivery and payment apply to all sales. Orders and other agreements are only valid after our written confirmation. The conditions of purchase of the customer are expressly contradicted.
Offer and contract
Offers are always non-binding, unless they are expressly limited. Offers require written confirmation. For confirmed orders, the prices are fixed, but we reserve the right to adjust the price accordingly for price increases that we are not responsible for (e.g. tax increases, wage increases, price changes on the part of our suppliers). Quotations for custom-made and repair work are always without obligation. We reserve technical changes.
The choice of the way of shipment way is free for us. For special requests e.g. express consignments, express goods, etc. are also the additional costs charged to the recipient. The goods will always be shipped at the risk of the customer. In the event of damage in transit, the recipient must request a report from the respective transport company.
Incorrect orders / returns of
False orders will only be taken back, if we have caused them and the goods are in perfect condition. Processing fees are not calculated. If, in individual cases, incorrect orders or returns of goodwill are accepted, the following prerequisites must be observed:
a) Article number, article description, delivery note date and number as well as invoice number must be stated.
b) The return must be free.
c) The returned goods must be in perfect condition.
d) The goods must correspond to the article number (s) listed in the delivery note. Under no circumstances will items removed from an item be returned.
e) For the withdrawal processing fees of 5% of the net value, but at least 15 € will be charged.
Packaging and shipping costs
Will be charged according our own costs.

Delivery times
The specified delivery times are not binding. Your exceeding does not entitle the buyer to withdraw from the contract. The assertion of claims for damages is excluded. Partial deliveries are permitted.

Warranty and notice of defects
The seller is liable to the exclusion of further claims for defects of the goods, that he has to repair all those parts free of charge or new at his option, which have become defective or unusable within 6 months due to verifiable defects in material or workmanship and the seller immediately after Be aware of the defect have been reported in writing. To make the replacement, the buyer must grant the seller the necessary time and opportunity. Replaced parts become the property of the seller. Complaints can only be considered if they have been notified to the seller in writing within one week of receipt of the goods. From the duty of replacement are excluded: Damage caused by natural wear, negligent or improper treatment or violent damage. Conversion of the purchase contract, reduction of the purchase price or claims for damages of any kind is excluded. The warranty expires if repairs or changes or replacement of individual parts are made by a party other than the seller or supplying company

Retention of title
The delivered goods remain our property until all claims from the business relationship with the customer have been paid. The customer may sell goods belonging to us in the ordinary course of business. In the event of sale, the customer assigns to us in advance all resulting payment claims to us. If our property is mixed with other goods, the assignment is made in the amount of the value of our goods. If the value of our securities exceeds our claims by more than 25%, we shall immediately release fully paid security items of our choice upon written request of the customer. The extended retention of title also applies.

Terms of payment
Invoices are payable within 30 days of the invoice date net cash. If payment is received within 14 days, we grant a 2% discount if all payment obligations from previous services are fulfilled. If the 30-day payment period is exceeded, we are entitled to charge default interest. The interest rate is at market rates of major banks. Delivery against cash on delivery we reserve ourselves expressly.

Data storage
We are entitled to exploit and store personal data of the customer.

Place of fulfillment and place of jurisdiction is Bingen.