Gravity Chair: a sitting system, which uses the gravity

The Gravity Chair looks like a simple chair. But he is much more. It is a storage system that is made of foam and therefore adapts very well to the body. The center of gravity of the user is low, which makes the sitting position more stable. It is also made more stable by the tight body to the left and right and the high armrests. The position of the armrests puts the arms high and gives the chest more freedom to breathe. Within a few minutes, blood tests can detect higher levels of oxygen in the blood.

Through various individually manufactured modules, the Gravity Chair can be adapted to the specific dimensions of the patient.

The position of the head and upper body can be easily stabilized. The triangular wedge, which can be pushed under the Gravity Chair both at the front and at the back, serves this purpose. In severe scoliosis, the wedge can also be pushed in from the side, so that the upper body is brought into an upright position and often an active body reaction is provoked in the opposite side.


Gravity Chair

Swing for Gravity Chair

Swing with rolls

Wedge for Gravity Chair

Data (initial dimensions in cm)

Height S M L LL
Body 90-110 110-130 130-150 150-170
External dimensions (L,B,H) 60,46,55 71,49,61 82,57,66 91,60,71
 Weight seat (in kg) 2,7 3,8 5,2 6,3

Therapy table, can be attached, stabilization modules according to individual measurements

Aid number
special construction