About RehaNorm


Special constructions

One of RehaNorm’s main areas of activity is the construction of individually manufactured seat shells. This started the company founded in 1978. Soon, severely disabled people, who needed seats shells or laying shells, supplied from Bingen throughout Germany. During this time, many other aids have been developed, such as seat shells, lancet devices or positioning aids. With increasing competence in this special area on the part of the medical supply houses, the supplies were handed over to the local medical supply stores. This also to optimize aftercare. The specialist dealers called for the support of RehaNorm in complicated cases. That’s why RehaNorm’s special-purpose specialists are on the road throughout Germany to help severely disabled patients.

The supply is done in such cases by our specialists, the production takes place in our workshop.
The specialist retailer can also purchase every seat shell accessory from the headrest to the footrest, from the upholstery fabric to the zipper at RehaNorm.

Aids for children and adolescents

As shown on the Internet, RehaNorm has a range of products for severely disabled children and adolescents. One of them will be manufactured by RehaNorm. Other products are purchased domestically and abroad. RehaNorm is not only active in Germany, but also delivers to about 20 different countries inside and outside Europe. For example, Bingen is the desk and storage location for some of its foreign products in Europe.